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How to Identify Northern White Cedar

How to Identify Northern White Cedar Northern white-cedar  is a slow growing native North American boreal tree with the scientific name Thuja occidentalis.  Arborvitae  is another name for the tree in its cultivated and commercially grown from which is  planted in yards and landscapes throughout the United States. This nursery-derived version of the white-cedar is prized for the unique flat and filigree sprays made up of tiny, scaly leaves.   Northern white-cedar  has also been called eastern white cedar and swamp-cedar. The name arborvitae meaning tree of life was given the tree and was the first North American tree to be transplanted and cultivated in Europe.   Ethnobotanical history suggests that 16th-century French explorer Jacques Cartier learned from  Native Americans how to use the trees foliage to treat scurvy. Scurvy was an insidious  disease that ravaged humans that had no ready source of  ascorbic acid or vitamin  C. A decoction of the exported trees sap was sold in Europe as a curative medicine. A record tree in Michigans Leelanau County measures 18 feet in circumference and  113 feet  (34 meters)   in height.   Where the Northern White Cedar Lives You will find that the main range of northern white-cedar extends through the southern part of the eastern half of Canada and down to an adjacent northern part of the United States. Looking at its U.S. Forest Service range map, you will see specifically that it extends west from the Gulf of St. Lawrence through central Ontario to southeastern Manitoba. Eastern white cedars southern U.S range extends through central Minnesota and Wisconsin to a narrow fringe around the southern tip of Lake Michigan and east through southern Michigan, southern New York, central Vermont and New Hampshire, and Maine.   Northern white-cedar prefers a humid climate and where the annual precipitation ranges from 28 to 46 inches.  Although it does not develop well on extremely wet or extremely dry sites, the cedar will do well on cool, moist, nutrient-rich sites and particularly on organic soils near streams or boreal swamps. The principal commercial uses of northern white-cedar are for rustic fencing and posts because of the woods resistance to rot. Other important wood products made from the species includes cabin logs, lumber, poles, and shingles. The wood fiber is also used as paper pulp and particleboard. Identification of the Northern White Cedar The leaf (if you can call it a leaf) is actually evergreen and scale-like off main shoot sprays. They are  1/4 inch long with long points. Lateral shoots are flattened, 1/8 inch long with short points. The  species is monoecious meaning that the tree has both male and female reproductive parts. Female parts are green with 4 to 6 scales and male parts are green tipped with brown scales. The fruit is a  cone, only 1/2 inch long, oblong and protrude upright on the branches. Cone scales are leathery, red-brown and rounded, with a small spine on the tip. New growth on each twig is green and scale-like and occurring in very flattened foliar sprays.The bark is fibrous, red-brown, weathering to gray. You will often see diamond-shaped bark patterns and the trees form is a  small to medium-sized tree shaped like an arrowhead or a pyramid. The Commercial Arborvitae Varieties Probably the most commonly planted Arborvitae planted in the North American landscape is the Emerald Green variety. It has great winter color and is one of the most popular hedge plants within its range and is also extensively used outside its range in the Pacific Northwest. Many arborvitae varieties can be planted as a very reliable, small to medium ornamental in American yards outside the natural range of  Thuja  occidentalis.  You  can  see more than 100 cultivated varieties used extensively in dooryards, in hedgerows, in borders and as a single large striking specimen in a large landscape. You will also see this tree along driveways, building foundations, subdivision entrances, cemeteries, and parks. White-Cedar has many cultivars, many of which are shrubs. Popular cultivars include: ‘Booth Globe’  Ã¢â‚¬ËœCompacta’‘Douglasi Pyramidalis’‘Emerald Green’ - good winter color‘Ericoides’‘Fastigiata’‘Hetz Junior’‘Hetz Midget’ - slow growing dwarf‘Hovey’‘Little Champion’ - globe shaped‘Lutea’ - yellow foliage‘Nigra’ - dark green foliage in winter, pyramidal‘Pyramidalis’ - narrow pyramidal form  Ã¢â‚¬ËœRosenthalli’‘Techny’‘Umbraculifera’ - flat-topped‘Wareana’‘Woodwardii’

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World War II and the Role of Women Research Paper

World War II and the Role of Women - Research Paper Example The businesses and industries of America required labor for their continued functionalities due to which, they recruited women in place of men, as the war required a major contribution from men in order to secure the homeland. According to Marc Miller (1980), â€Å"the war led to a dramatic rise in the number of women working in the United States† (42). Women that previously worked in homes and managed only their homes came out during the war in order to save their country from economic downfall. Ellen J. Babb (1994) informs that women were supported by the government and private sector (43). In fact, they were not only supported but also encouraged to work for their country’s welfare by getting employment in business and industrial sector. Women volunteered for the employment offered by the government and private sector, as their services were acutely required by the state. The lives of women changed as a whole, as because of their work outside their homes, they got recognition and respect, as they never enjoyed before. It was during the war that women were considered as a substitute for men; otherwise, they were regarded as less capable in comparison to men. The jobs offered to the women were temporary and there was a plan to ask the women to go back to their previous household activities when the war was over (Anderson 78). Women were not only required to manage the outside works but also their children, which was there all time job. According to Babb (1994), â€Å"One thing they had to do was find new ways to balance family and work roles† (46). The lives of American woman transformed as previously they were only to manage their homes and children but then, during the war, they were to protect the economy of their country and help it to sustain while their children and their homes were their responsibility as before. They had to do manage many works whether they were home related or work related.  

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Democratic Leadership in Education Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Democratic Leadership in Education - Assignment Example The finance department was considered by many as superfluous to the Agency, but the government was demanding more financial information, so the Agency was â€Å"forced to broaden their focus to make a bigger role for financial reporting.† Even without the Finance Branch, the Agency was able to function in a manner consistent with world-class standards both in its core business and in other areas of its business. In this case, the Agency felt that it would have done well without the finance department, but it is a subjective and therefore imbalance point of view. The imperative to form a new department enhances the function it discharges – in this case, financial reporting and management – according to the needs and strategies identified by the higher unit (i.e., the government). What the Agency considers its â€Å"world class† performance may only be in its view, which a balanced financial reporting system using accrual accounting should provide an imparti al view into. Issue Two: The existing system had to be upgraded, according to the senior financial officer, but it would result in a non-standard system. Furthermore, it was perceived as risky due to the fact that â€Å"so much money had already been spent on the existing system without providing a satisfactory system.† Establishing a new system would necessitate new substructures; for it to pertain only to the finance department would necessarily create a system not consistent with the rest of the Agency, but this should not deter the move where it is deemed necessary. As Alfred Chandler (1993) put it, a structure must support strategy, not impede or constrain it. Issue Three: The new Finance Director formed a small project team including Mark Black (MIS) and Henry Tell (senior financial officer) to determine requirements for the new financial management system. She also requested funding for the team. Consultants were not used for this assessment, but latitude and confidenc e were given to the existing staff and their technical background, with inputs drawn from key stakeholders through interviews. This appeared to be a wise move. In the development of new structures within an existing organization, it is important to build a sense of legitimacy and acceptance. Bringing in outside consultant who hardly knows the Agency would have been a mistake; although the resultant system might have been superior, if it were prejudged as unacceptable for being irrelevant, then the new unit may not get the chance to prove its system’s merits and the benefits it may provide the organization. The benefits of taking a structural perspective are that it focuses corporate activity to the specific goals it wishes to achieve, organizes and coordinates the efforts taken towards this effort, and therefore optimizes the firm’s resources. Resources should be organized to support vital functions, and organizational units seen as superfluous should be taken out (Lie vegoed, 1973). The usefulness of the structural frame, in this case, is to realign roles and responsibilities according to a new (accounting) environment, as well as to transmit facts and information.

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Research for a Database For a Travel Agents Essay Example for Free

Research for a Database For a Travel Agents Essay Introduction I have been given a task to make things easier for a travel agent called Type a Flight. Type a Flight is a travel agent which is situated in Warrington and it was established in 2005 and it also has about 500 customers. The company does all its work manually. They keep their documents in filing cabinets. So when customers call in to book flights then they have to look in the cabinets for a document. This is very time consuming and due to this problem they could loose a fantastic amount of customers because they will get tired on the phone. Filing cabinets also take up a lot of space. This is getting very difficult and time consuming as the number of customers is rising on a daily basis. One of the problems is that it takes time writing letters by hand .For this problem I have come to conclusion that I will create template letters for the company and these can be sent out to customers to tell the customers that their ticket is ready or for any reasons. The conclusion I have come to is that I am going to help the agency in every single way. My main aim is to make the agency more professional and more modern and make things easier for them. For me to do my task, I will need a computer and a few important application softwares with which I shall make a database, logo and other things. Research I had a look at a database which I was shown by my class teacher. It was called Type of Flight. In the database it had things like name, ID, gender, telephone number. Database: Type a Flight Comment: The logo is located on the centre of the switchboard. The logo is got to do with holidays and other things which the agency offers. Around the logo there are the buttons which will be needed. The database has things like name, town, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, gender postcode and other few things. The database makes things easier and quicker now. This was done by putting queries, forms and a switchboard. Tasks To do my task I have broke the task into the following five parts: 1. Getting information about the travel agency. 2. Design a logo and a slogan for the travel agency. 3. Create a database, Queries, Forms and switchboard. 4. Create a letterhead and design letter templates. 5. Writing reports at the end (User Guides). 1. Getting information about the travel agency a. I can do this task by going on the internet but I will not do it this way because on the internet it will not tell you how the agency works. b. I can also do this task by going around and asking a few people but will not use it because people might not have the correct and up to date information. c. I will do this task this by Interviewing the agency manager because he will know the latest information and what problems there are in the agency. 1. What problems do you have in the agency? 2. How many customers does the agency have? Less than 100 100-250 250-500 More than 500 3. How are the documents of the customers stored? Filing Cabinet Other 4. What do you think of a computerized way to remove your problems? 5. Do your employees know how to use Microsoft Access? Yes No Do not know 6. Are your employees capable of using a switchboard? Yes No Do not know 7. Does the agency have letter templates? Yes No 8. Does the agency have a good logo? Yes No 9. Do the employees need a user guide? Yes No 10. What changes will the agency have if the computerized way was used? 2. Design a logo and a slogan for the travel agency a. I can do this task by using Microsoft Word but will not do it this way because it does not have many of the tools needed to make a logo but I can make the slogan on it. b. I can also do this task by using Adobe Photoshop but will not use it because the application is quite complicated for me. c. I will do this task this by using Paint because It offers a good amount of tools which can be used to make a good logo and a slogan. 3. Create a database, Queries, Forms and switchboard a. I can do this task by using pen and paper but will not do it this way because it will be time consuming and many mistakes can be made. b. I can also do this task by using Open Office Base but will not use it because it is harder to use than Microsoft Access. c. I will do this task this by using Microsoft Access because I can make databases, Queries, Forms and switchboards more quicker because I have used it many times before. 4. Create a letterhead and design letter templates a. I can do this task by using Microsoft Publisher but will not do it this way because it is a little hard to create a letter template but a letterhead can be produced easily. b. I can also do this task by using Paint but will not use it because it is not suitable for large amount writing. c. I will do this task this by using Microsoft Word because this application is good for making letterheads and letter templates as it gives a step by step way of making it. 5. Writing reports at the end (User Guides) a. I can do this task by using WordPad but will not do it this way because it is not possible to put in arrows to make things clearer to people. b. I can also do this task by doing it on paper and there after scan it but will not use it because it may not be neat and professional enough. c. I will do this task this by using Microsoft Word because I can take screen shots and then I can paste them onto the page. There after I will put in arrows and any other things if needed to label it clearly with information so that people fully understand. Input, Output, Process and Storage After my research and looking at the various tasks, I can establish what the input, output and storage of the system is. Ease of use The final product that I will make would consist of database, queries, forms and letterheads. It would be easy for the agency to use because I think the employees are more or less familiar with computers and using the applications needed. I will also supply them with a user guide. The user guide will be simple and very easy to use. It will have screenshots and clear labeling with arrows so if the employees get stuck any where then they could refer to the user guide which has clear instructions and easy step by step of using any application. After using the user guide the employees should have no doubt in using an application. Description of problem = 1 Plan of solution = 1 Methods = 1 Solution meets requirement = 1 Ease of use = 1

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Majority vs Minorities :: essays research papers

Majority vs Minorities The majority and the minority bring forth change in policy in a democratic society. Majority rule means that, if there were an over whelming amount of support on a issue their voices would be heard by the government. Our government is run on a majority rule. People in our society elect officials and put their faiths in them to make their choices. In a majority rule the basic concept of democracy is that the people ultimately rule. The Government passes laws that appear to be the â€Å"deliberative will† of the people. However, Government doesn’t do everything the people wants. It takes in information absorbs it and comes with a solution for the majority. In order for the people to be heard they have to get out and participate in the political process. It is our constitutional right to vote, speak and contribute in the selection of our representative in a majority. The minority rights in a democratic society appear to even out with the majority rule in an unusual way. There are some incidents where the minority may have loss, but on the other hand won. For example, when Rosa Parks didn’t give up her seat on that hot Alabama day, she stood up to the majority tyranny. The majority won by putting her in jail, however; the minority prevailed by establishing the civil rights movements. There are many differences between majority rule and minority rights. One of the big differences between the two is majority tyranny. This is when the majority violates the rights of minority’s. When the majority thinks they are in the right they may happen to pass judgment or abuse the minorities who opposes them. Majorities for a long time believed that political equality and political liberty doesn’t belong to the minorities. Minorities believed they have the right to speak or participant in whatever function they believed in.

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Ensuring use of technology has purpose in education

Harmonizing to Schwartz ( 2008 ) , ‘Teaching is a dynamic dealing between head, stuffs, results and ends. Teachers teach ; scholars learn – all within the context of a complex cognitive and socio-cultural environment that is germinating faster than at any other clip in the history of instruction ‘ . Schwartz ( 2008 ) states that one of the grounds for this is the impact of technological progresss on the instruction system. The pupils of today live in a extremely technological universe. They are surrounded by appliances and bombarded by information. They use engineering for diversion, communicating and information. We as pedagogues have a responsibility to encompass engineering and utilize it to profit all stakeholders involved. But how can we guarantee that engineering is non used merely because we think it should but as something that enriches the experience of the scholar. How do we equilibrate the usage of engineering and the demands of the scholar? As Pedagogy Strategy ( 2005 ) states ‘Making engineerings available does non of itself consequence in changed instruction methods or in the degree of larning results. Effective usage of ICT in instruction requires appropriate teaching methods. ‘ We have to guarantee that the usage of engineering has significance and intent. There is a overplus of research on the construct of blended acquisition. Blended acquisition, harmonizing to Rodgers ( 2009 ) , is ‘executing a acquisition scheme that integrates multiple bringing modes ( both synchronal and asynchronous ) and, in making so, making the best possible larning solution for your mark audience ‘ . Blended larning requires the scholar to be at the Centre of the procedure and guaranting that it is the right environment for the right scholar. In concern blended acquisition can be seen as the right combination at the lowest costs, this applied to education would be the right combination at the greatest acquisition result. Dzakiria ( 2006 ) citing Driscoll ‘s work, sees blended acquisition as uniting web-based engineering to bring forth an ‘optimal acquisition result ‘ . In concern you have to cognize your market, in instruction it is important that you know your scholar and a one size fits all doctrine does non work. Dzakir ia ( 2006 ) argues that we need to see the pupils as the primary educational client, their positions and experiences, and the learning support mechanism for effectual acquisition results. It is indispensable that students own their acquisition, that they lead their acquisition and they are at the Centre of the procedure. Technological progresss has resulted in the usage of blended acquisition schemes in concern, universities and schools. The potency of the usage of blended acquisition for e-assessment is mindblowing. JISC INFONET ( **** ) states that ‘assessment is one of the most important countries of an educational system. It defines what pupils take to be of import, how they spend much of their academic clip and in many ways how they value themselves. ‘ Assessment is important to the scholar every bit long as it has a clear and defined intent. The usage of e-assessment can utilize the cardinal doctrine of blended acquisition and give the learner control over their acquisition and help their acquisition. E-assessment has advantages, JISC INFONET ( **** ) states that it allows instant feedback, allows clip for alteration, staff acquire immediate feedback and this can be linked to other on-line stuffs. Although there are concerns over the usage of E-assessment. E-assessment itself may sa lvage clip but the clip it takes to ab initio put up such an appraisal can non be underestimated. ***** can widen The development of personal acquisition environments ( PLEs ) has opened up the potency of the larning non merely being the Centre of the learning procedure but taking the larning themselves. The possible, particularly for school aged students could be great. Imagine an PLE which gives a record of a child online from the minute they walk into instruction to the clip they leave at 16 or 18. What if that record continues to university? What if that continues invariably as we embark on ‘lifelong larning ‘ ? This will in bend have a enormous consequence on instruction and acquisition. Becta ( 2007 ) suggests that PLE ‘s ‘offers a portal to the universe, through which scholars can research and make harmonizing to their ain involvements and waies, interacting at all times with their friends and community. ‘ Harmelen ( 2006 ) suggests that the development of PLE ‘s is motivated by the demands of the womb-to-tomb scholar and for a system that provides a st andard interface, a response from the fact that the scholar ‘s e-system demands to be under the control of the scholar and the demands of the scholar themselves. Taraghi et. Al. ( 2010 ) negotiations of utilizing the MashUp rule which ‘will let scholars to construct their ain acquisition environment ‘ . The potency of PLEs in instruction is radical. Downs ( 2009 ) , states that ‘future larning environment which becomes non an institutional or corporate application, but besides a acquisition centre, where content is reused and remixed harmonizing to the pupil ‘s ain demands and involvements. It becomes, so, non a individual application, but a aggregation of interoperating applications – an environment instead than a system ‘ . Research is being undertaken to look at how PLE ‘s will turn to a scholars larning and the consequence and deductions on instruction. But Taraghi et. Al. ( 2010 ) points out that traditional Learning Management S ystems ( LMS ) are non flexible plenty to supply an effectual PLE system. Taraghi et. Al. ( 2010 ) points out that, ‘even current research can non indicate out what a extremely personalised larning environment should look like in item ‘ . Using a PLE to turn to womb-to-tomb acquisition would necessitate looking at the large image non one specific component of a scholar ‘s acquisition. In the past developments have been centred on specific phases in instruction but now we need to guarantee the scholar ‘s demands are addressed throughout their acquisition journey. Atwell ( 2007 ) provinces, ‘if non continuous, larning is now seen as multi episodic, with persons passing occasional periods of formal instruction and developing throughout their on the job life. ‘ PLE ‘s will hold to turn to both the thoughts of uninterrupted acquisition and the periods of informal acquisition that a scholar brushs. Formal larning itself, harmonizing to Atwell ( 20 07 ) histories for merely 20 per cent of a scholar ‘s acquisition. In the past educational engineering has paid little or no attending to informal larning a PLE could turn to this issue. PLE ‘s could be used for anyone who wants to organize their ain acquisition. Taraghi ( 2010 ) specify seven important facets for the displacement from LMS to PLE: The function of the scholar Personalisation Content Social engagement Ownership Educational and organizational civilization Technological facets PLE ‘s could convey together the huge sum of different engineering that a scholar uses under one umbrella. Making it distinguishable and personalised to that scholar, involve the engineerings they like to utilize and turn to their specific acquisition manners. The scholar could make up one's mind their penchants to how they study, present information etc. The scholar can make up one's mind on their ain content and analyze the countries they decide to assist with their acquisition. The scholar could in kernel develop a acquisition environment that addresses their specific demands at their current phase in instruction. Milligan quoted in BECTA ( 2007 ) believes PLE ‘s ‘would give the scholar greater control over their learning experience ( pull offing their resources, the work they have produced, the activities they participate in ) and would represent their ain personal acquisition environment, which they could utilize to interact with institutional systems to entree content, appraisal, libraries and the similar ‘ . Atwell ( 2007 ) states that PLE ‘s ‘are non an application but instead a new attack to the usage of new engineerings for larning. There remain many issues to be resolved. But, at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, the statement for the usage of Personal Learning environments in non proficient but instead is philosophical, ethic and pedagogic. ‘ This wealth of grounds of larning would ensue in a e-portfolio which could potentially chart a scholar from the minute they enter the instruction system. There could potential be a wealth of touchable grounds which could be used as grounds for makings or as an illustration of what a possible employee may be capable of. Cohn and Hibbitts ( 2004 ) suggest that an e-portfolio ‘stimulates our pupils to prosecute in brooding thought ‘ . What is apparent is the thought that we have to be careful that e-portfolios are closely linked to the thoughts of PLE ‘s. If we are doing personal acquisition environments which are alone to the scholar, we do non desire to so make an e-portfolio which is one size fits all, it besides has to be personalised to the scholar, integrate the scholars larning manners and penchants. Learning and appraisal are intertwined, therefore if we talk about bring forthing a PLE so the thought of an e-portfolio must organize a important component of such an environment. Gulbahar and Tinmaz ( 2006 ) suggests that the thought of an e-portfolio support pupils focused on the acquisition procedure instead than the terminal merchandise. They suggest that ‘By the usage of e-portfolios, pupils have the opportunity to reflect upon their acquisition and instructors have the chance to supply elaborate feedback on pupils ‘ work. ‘ Research undertaken by Gulbarhar and Tinemaz ( 2006 ) suggested that utilizing an e-portfolio was favoured by all the pupils in their survey. They concluded that I gave the pupils a ‘great opportunity for self betterment ‘ and it besides ‘demonstrated a acquisition centres theoretical account for instructor campaigners. ‘ The pupils besides gained more cognition and associated it with existent life context.

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Differences Between Internet Providers And Internet

Differences between Internet Providers in Boca Raton, Florida Although Boca Raton isn t as fast paced as some of its sister cities in Florida, this city gets its fair share of action. With the variety of internet service providers Boca Raton, it s hard to keep up with which one holds the better deal. Cable Internet in Boca Raton, Florida Cable internet in Boca Raton still has a speed that exceeds 20 Mbps. Sure, it s not as fast as fiber optic internet, but it does the job well. It also stands out from the rest of the internet providers Boca Raton because it also has a great bundle option that many people love. Within one bundle, you can enjoy your internet connection, tons of television shows, and your VoIP services for a flat rate. Anything that helps to keep costs low is definitely appreciated by many. Additionally, cable internet in Boca Raton is widespread. Unlike some of the other options, it doesn t cut out based on inclement weather either. If you re looking for a good provider for broadband internet Boca Raton, cable internet is another worthy option. Fiber Optic Internet in Boca Raton, Florida After you ve made your internet wish list, does high speed internet Boca Raton rank closely to the top of your list? If so, fiber optic internet is probably the best option to choose. If you re a die-hard football fan and have to purchase your tickets to the Boca Raton Bowl online before they sell out, fiber optic internet will ensure you get your tickets theShow MoreRelatedProposal For The Nhs Internet Connection Project812 Words   |  4 Pages C3J Solutions would like to thank Northeastern Health Services, Inc. (NHS) for the opportunity to submit a proposal for the NHS internet connection project. Following is our proposal for an Internet connection that will meet the NHS business objective. NHS is a Maine-based health services company who accommodates underserved patients in rural parts of the state. Recently, the NHS decided to expand services by adding branch offices in towns near the Canadian border to:  · Provide state-of-the-artRead MoreTelevision, Television And Public Places1690 Words   |  7 Pages 1a. It is very important to draw comparison between the internet, library, television and public places as a result of the fact the internet can also be considered or viewed as a public place where information can be obtained freely at any point in time, and this makes it very important to know what the law says about this disseminating information to the general public with respect to the first amendment. Looking at this various medium i.e libraries, television and public places and what the lawRead MoreA Business Phone Service Provider Essay1266 Words   |  6 Pages San Diego, California Business Phone Service Providers Finding a business phone service provider in San Diego, CA can be confusing at times. But it is a very important first step when you are a business owner, whether you are just starting up or have been in business for years. The telephone is still the first form of communication most customers and vendors go for when they want to get in touch with a business, especially if that business happens to be further away. You need a phone serviceRead MoreDifferences Between Software As A Service And Web Services954 Words   |  4 Pagessimilarity and differences between Software as a Service (SaaS) and Web Services. Cloud computing is commonly used technology worldwide in business organizations and other workplaces. In this report we will emphasize on some essential concepts that are related to cloud computing such as SaaS and Web Services. Both are essential concepts that are implemented by users to fulfill their requirements. Similarities and Differences b/w Software as a Service and Web Services Differences b/w Software asRead MoreEssay on Mis535 Midterm1750 Words   |  7 PagesExplanation: | p. 21 | | |    | Points Received: | 10 of 10 |    | Comments: | | | |   3. | Question : | (TCO B) Internet technology | |    | Student Answer: | |   makes it easy for rivals to compete on price alone. |    | | |   imposes a significant cost of entry, due to infrastructure requirements. |    | | |   increases the difference between competitors because of the wide availability of information. |    | | |   makes it easy to sustain operational advantages. | Read MoreNetwork Address Translation ( Nat )995 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction When connecting your internal network to the internet the need route the packets between the two networks happens inside a router. This translation between the two different networks is known as network address translation (NAT). There are advantages when using NAT as well as disadvantages to the end user, network administrators and overall functionality of the network. We also have to understand the differences between IPv4, IPv6, and the need for NAT in each as they are differentRead MoreThe Telecommunication Act Of 1996 Essay1551 Words   |  7 PagesTelecommunications Act of 1996 represented the beginning of a new era in Internet, cable TV and Telecommunications regulations in the United States. It was sanctioned by the U.S. Congress on February 1, 1996 and signed by President Bill Clinton on February 8, 1996. ââ€"  This was the first major change in the telecommunications regulations since the original 1934 Telecommunications Act since it was the first time that the Internet was included in broadcasting and spectrum allotment. The main purpose ofRead MoreEssay On Content Delivery Networks1639 Words   |  7 Pageswas brought into the picture. With LTE providing throughput speeds like high speed internet access - the demand for mobile live streamed HD video has increased. We will see how by using cloudinary which makes use of CDN we can improve the bandwidth and quality of the image. This article will describe on how we can work in the future and expand our scope on time metric and price hurdles concerned with CDN providers and users. KEYWORDS: Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Video and Audio Streaming,Read MorePricing Strategy Associated With Services1140 Words   |  5 Pagesof tangible goods. As a consumer, what pricing issues do you consider when purchasing services? How difficult is it to compare prices among competing services, or to determine the complete price of the service before purchase? What could service providers do to solve these issues? Consumers pay attention to many different factors when determining to purchase a service. One of the major factors is the quantity of the service. When deciding on which carrier to sign a contract of service in the mobileRead MoreBarriers to Foreign Investment in the Chinese Internet Industry1675 Words   |  7 PagesBarriers to Foreign Investment in the Chinese Internet Industry Summary: Developing an Internet business in China is not easy, even though the country has the largest Internet user population among all countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese laws make foreign investment difficult, and the country -- quite unlike the United States -- has strict legal controls on information and distribution and poor enforcement of intellectual property laws. This article explains the barriers facing high-tech